1.4 Run What You Brung

I have an acquaintance who’s all about MOAR POWAH and thinks anything with less grunt than a Z06 Vette is a “girl’s car.”  Yeah, maybe.  Maybe an awesome girl.

I’d drive a Fiat 850 Spider and not feel like my dick was any smaller because of it.

Who’s manlier anyway?  The guy driving the modern car with 400hp but also AWD, ABS, TCS, Stability Control, Launch Control , Tire Pressure Warning systems, and a host of other ass-saving acronyms?  Or the guy ripping around in a 70hp 1960’s sports car with a rear engine and a swingarm rear suspension not designed by Porsche, bad brakes, possibly rusted-out suspension mounting points, and skinny little 13” tires?

On a side note: why is it Japanese manufacturers are so obsessed with acronyms, and Americans are so obsessed with juvenile, powerful-sounding names like “Vortec”, “Blue Flame”, “Power Glide”, “DuraMax”, “Iron Duke”, and “MegaShift”.  I made that last one up, so stop Googling it.

And I’ve never really understood the sort of brand loyalty you see, at least in terms of it being a case where your preference gets confused with actual quality: I loved my Alfas and I love my Ducati, and they definitely have superlative qualities.  But they ain’t “the best” anything.

My Triumph is a way better motorcycle in just about every regard, but I like the Monster better.  In fact, I seem to like it more, the less practical it becomes.

Driveway Monster

“Man, those below the triple clamp clip-on bars look boss.  Not very comfortable though, and now my tank bag smooshes into my chest…”

“Oh, those new Keihin carbs are cool as hell, and the thing really screams.  Hm, they don’t have a choke, though, and that quarter-turn throttle is stiff as fuck…”

“These bar-end mirrors look really slick.  Too bad I can’t really see much out of them…”

Anyway, that’s really my point: “better” is completely subjective.  And here’s the thing: cool Fords are cool.  Cool Chevys are cool.  Cool imports are cool.  Cool old cars are cool.  Cool new cars are cool.

Buy what you like.


Harley Trike Crop


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