2.1 Spontaneous Deceleration

When I made up my mind to finally buy a bike that would work on track, my desire to have something slightly unusual still won out: I bought a first generation Triumph Daytona 675.

It’s a beautiful charcoal grey machine, very subtle, and it came with through-the fairing frame-sliders, Woodcraft case guard, tank-protectors, a cool little shark-fin chain-guard, and suspension already set up for someone my weight.

It’s a great bike, with a hugely flexible motor that revs out happily to 13,000rpm. I’ve really done nothing to it except change the oil and tires.

But my track time is pointing up a weakness I didn’t expect: the brakes. They’re strong enough, but they lack feel, in spite of being bled and new pads fitted. This is especially disappointing because I found that I’m able to make up significant ground braking for corners versus faster liter bikes.

I’d been planning two upgrades for the bike: a set of Woodcraft rearsets since I found myself dragging  my toe in a couple corners at Pocono Raceway, and a new Brembo master cylinder to replace the stock Nissin to see if that might help.

My good friend and track riding buddy came through with the latter, and got me a completely gorgeous Brembo RCS adjustable master cylinder for a combined Christmas/birthday present. The adjustable ratio I’m especially excited about: my old, injured right hand gets pretty fatigued toward the end of a session and a more sensitive setting might be great on track.


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