2.4 Summer of Projects

I haven’t had the chance to talk write too much about the Volvo wagon I’ve named “Der Panzerwagen,” which is German and not Swedish, but it’s my car so I can name it whatever I want.

What I hoped would be a fun but practical project car has gotten stalled out, as funds are tied up in the Dodge Dakota I’m having a hard time selling at the moment and I really can’t justify spending money on two cars since I barely need one. But while I’m waiting for that situation to resolve, I at least got started on some low-cost upgrades.

The first of which are the spare wheels that came with the car. The current set of 15” wheels are obviously not original “V70R” equipment and are wrapped with snow tires… The spare wheels are 16×7 MSW’s stamped “Design by OZ” and should work fine, once I can justify fitting them with tires. I’m not a huge fan of the wheel’s style, so I thought I’d paint them up satin black for a stealth look that should work well with the silver wagon.

2014-05-31 16.48.07

I hauled them up to my buddy Greg’s place last weekend to use his compressor/sand-blasting combo. Next time, I’m bringing some nice, dry sand straight from Home Depot: we were using his kids’ sandbox as a source of sand, and it was slightly wet and clogged the hose regularly. Or that could have been the leaves. Or hunks of chalk.

2014-05-31 14.15.24

But as a project on the cheap, it worked pretty well and the first pair look pretty great so far. They need another coat of satin black, but I’m pretty excited at how they’ve turned out.

After the wheels are painted up, we’ll be installing a nice little blue-faced ipd boost gauge in an A-pillar mount to hopefully keep me distracted from the boring slushbox the car is saddled with…

2014-05-31 17.47.29


1 thought on “2.4 Summer of Projects

  1. Or maybe some worms in the sand too. At least we too the toys out. Btw, nice product placement for Campbell Hausfeld. Wheels turned out really well.

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