3.1 Location, Location, Location

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

So I lost a few months with my relocation to the West Coast. I’m getting settled in, getting my LA-legs back, recalibrating my head to match the traffic, and finding my way across the sprawling landscape.

I have a friend who details high-end cars for wealthy customers, and I used to spin tales of streets paved with Lamborghinis. It’d been a long time since I spent any time here and I’d begun to think I was exaggerating.

I wasn’t.

It’s almost embarrassing, the amount of conspicuous consumption going on in this town. But mixed in with the Plain Jane Mercedes, Jaguars, Porsches, and Maseratis are some really exotic cars.

Parked at the curb on Sunset was this Ferrari 458 Italia, with a Liberty Walk-styled overfender kit and a set of wild wheels. I happen to like this kit, and particularly like the understated grey paint. The wheels themselves weren’t really my thing, but were impressive just in terms of sheer over-the-top style. I’m sure they’re worth more than my college education, and arguably more useful…

The body shop down the street had a McLaren SLR Roadster with what had to be a vinyl wrap, since it was metallic red… In pretty poor taste and not particularly flattering, but I guess that’s easy to change, since it’s just a wrap. I wasn’t going to include a picture of it, since I didn’t bother taking a good one, but I can’t resist.

McLaren SLR Roadster

I was so distracted by the red-chrome McLaren that I almost missed the coolest car of the day parked nearby, what looks to be a genuine RAUH-Welt Porsche 964. Not sure if this one got shipped off to Japan to fall under the master’s knife, or if it’s simply a set of fenders, but I was still excited to see it.

Rauh Welt Porsche Convertible

The Porsche even had some kitty footprints across the driver’s side fender that had clearly been made in the morning damp, something I imagine Akira Nakai would appreciate.



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