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2.5 Volvo Update!

So the Volvo has been coming along: I ordered a set of decent Yokohama tires for it, which I mounted up on the 16” wheels I painted. Not bad for a first attempt.

Volvo Wheels Installed

I will do a better job next time, but they’ve gotten several compliments so far and they look great from ten feet, which was really the point.

Volvo Front Right Wheel

I also installed ipd’s short-ram intake, which looks cool and lets you hear the wastegate working, although much more quietly than an actual external wastegate would.


Volvo Intake

Something’s still dragging out back: I think it’s the parking brake, which is a rusty mess at the moment. But I’ll have to disconnect/remove both sides and test it out to be sure. If not, it could mean stuck calipers. Which aren’t too horribly expensive, although between two bikes and a car, there’s at least a dozen other projects crying out for my money. Not to mention the mess and annoyance of bleeding car brakes.

In the plus column: I’ve had those rear brakes on and off so many times now that the bolts aren’t solidly rusted in place… I miss working on California cars!

Next job planned for the Volvo is that broken driver door stop and a nicer pod for the boost gauge.