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1.10 Der Panzerwagen

It was too good to pass up.  It is probably a Terrible Idea.  It will probably break me.

I bought a car, a silver 1998 Volvo V70R AWD.

Which, I’ve quickly learned, is not the version to buy: the all-wheel-drive limits your choice of aftermarket parts.  Downpipes, springs, exhausts…  All these normal bits won’t fit the AWD version.

Oh well.  Maybe I should just swap in a manual gearbox and ditch the AWD…

So I really don’t need four wheels, most of the year, since I commute by train to my job in Manhattan and I stash a bike near my apartment in warmer months.  But I love cars, and I’m very, very bored with my faithful Dodge Dakota.  So I made the mistake of telling my buddy Ciro Papi from CP Car Detailing that I was thinking about buying an old Volvo 850 Turbo.  Preferably the T5-R, but they’re pretty hard to find.

Why a Volvo wagon?  Well, I’ve always liked the way they look, they’re very practical, reasonably fast, handle well, and not especially valuable.

Basically, it’s the cheapest car I’d actually want to own.

Ciro is like part of the car-culture mafia in this neck of the woods: he’s connected. A week later, he found a car for me, at a price that made it worth braving the truly terrible drivers that frequent the New York Thruway worth it.  It needed work, but the body and interior were in pretty great shape.  It had been sitting for a while, so now the calipers are blue.

Volvo Brakes

Next, it needs new axles, a trailer hitch, and a refresh of all the fluids, but that will have to wait until I sell the truck.